Two Ways to Generate Free Sales Leads From Classified Websites Like Craigslist


Do you need to generate sales leads for your business? Whether your business is locally based or based online, you can and should use classified websites like to your advantage. Why so? You have a few choices and you’ll rarely spend any money at all. In fact, most of your options are 100% free to implement.

Search Classified Websites Like Craigslist for Your Targeted Market

This is a cheap way to generate sales leads. It is free to search classified websites like; therefore, the biggest expense is your time. So how can you use these websites to generate sales leads? Perform a search on these websites to find your targeted market. When it comes to business leads, that targeted market is someone who wants, needs, or can benefit from what you have to sell. Find these individuals and make contact with your sales pitch free classified ads website.

Using classified websites like is nice because individuals post a lot of valuable information on classified websites. For example, they usually post wanted or for sale ads and this information gives you insight into their wants and needs. You can typically tell whether or not someone is within your targeted market with this approach. Then, they usually leave a method of contact in an online listing. This method of contact is likely an email address or a phone number. This is important when looking to generate sales leads because you need a way to contact potential customers.

Post Ads on Classified Websites Like Craigslist

This approach is nice because many classified websites, like, are free to use. Even if you must pay a fee for some other websites, that fee is likely very affordable. Posting an ad on these sites is nice because you aren’t necessarily generating sales leads yourself. Instead, you are letting the leads come to you.

Your ad or online posting should describe yourself or your business, as well as the products or services you sell. Most service ads will go under a “services section.” When you are selling a product, you can do this too. However, you might want to create a for sale ad for a few items and then provide a link to your online store or information for your local store along with a note that say “more items for sale.”

As you can see, classified websites like are an easy and basically free way to generate sales leads. So if you are a business owner or even just someone who sells a product or a service on the side, give Craigslist and other similar websites a shot. Chances are, you will be pleased with the results especially since the main cost was your time. Good luck!